„Women in Art“

Galerie d’Orsay is proud to honor the immense contributions of women in the arts while supporting the generous local charity, „She Gives,“ throughout their summer exhibition. Featuring Kathy Buist, Mary Cassatt, Helen Frankenthaler, Carol Gove, Angela Sommerhoff, and more.

Artist Spotlight – Introducing Angela Sommerhoff, the newest contemporary artist and part of our Women in Art Summer Exhibition at Galerie d’Orsay.

From „Comments on the non-figurative paintings by Angela Sommerhoff“ by Mag. Alexandra Matzner: The current work by Sommerhoff can be categorized between chance and necessity. The artist positions herself between a naive desire to paint and refined calculation. On the one hand, the work is inspired by encounters with people, music and poetry arise almost spontaneously on the canvasses, while, on the other hand, the artist methodically explores selected topics through cycles. She sets corporeal material against the lightness of the lucid ink that lies like colored veils over the light base. In this emergence, chance often leads the way by organizing the fluidity of the ink in a complex manner, while the eye of the artist responds to what emerges, and recognizes compositional necessities. To feel oneself and reflect on one’s own perceptions could be designated as the objective of her art. The encounter with Angela Sommerhoff’s art requires patience and serenity, and a viewer that lends the image its story.